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Acclimating Tropical Fresh Water Fish 

1)      Add Water Conditioner to the aquarium, this will protect   the natural body slime of the fish.

2)    Place un-opened bag in the aquarium for exactly 15 minutes.

3)    Open the bag and add one to two cups of aquarium water to the bag. Close the and let it float for 15 minutes more.

4)    Open the bag and gently pour the fish into your aquarium.




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Secret to Aquarium Success

 Gold Fish ?

 Fresh Water Fish ?

 Salt Water Fish ?

All 3 Have the same answer

25% Water Change Every Week

 Acclimating Tropical Salt Water Fish

1)    Turn off the aquarium light. 

2)    Float the bag for 15 minutes.

3)   If the bag contains corals, after 15 minutes you can place them in your aquarium.

4)    For fish, open the bag after 15 minutes  and add 2oz. of aquarium water every 10 minutes for 1 hour.

5)    For most invertebrates. add 2oz. of water every 10 minutes for 1 hour, then release into your aquarium.

6)    If you are putting snails in your aquarium, make sure they are sitting on their "foot" because they cannot turn themselves over before something may attack them.



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